About Us

Welcome to Vipul Sharma Academy

Vipul Sharma is a popular name in the photography industry. This 27-year old photographer has established his name in form of a brand since the year 2007. With the expansion of horizons, This name is entering the field of graphics by establishing his own institute: Vipul Sharma Graphic Academy(VGA).

This institute is a rising entity which affirms to provide inclined students with variety of trending courses such as Web Designing, Photography, Videography, Cinematography, IT Services, and much more. Come join hands with VIPUL SHARMA GRAPHIC ACADEMY and soar the heights of success.

Academy wants to pay its share in the overall develpoment of students:

Providing students with Paid assignments of Photogrpahy and Videography.

Live Projects would be worked upon by the students and teachers.

Authentic certification would be provided for any course you enroll with VGA.


Enhance your skills with us.

  • Learn to photograph moments and scenarios with the help of our talented staff.
  • Awaken the Tech-freak in you with learning the exuberant skills of Web designing & IT services.
  • Fiddling with your future plans? Come to us and procure expert advice.
  • Let the world of fashion alter your life with our upcoming fashion courses.

Vipul Sharma has established himself well in the field of Photography & Videography. He has been through all phases of life and has gathered much experiences from various endeavours.
He has worked blood & sweat to raise the bar high and provide inexplicably wonderful work to clients.

His hard work has paid off resulting in over 2,00,000 fan base over social networking and much more. His firm has worked with hundereds of clients and delivered satisfactory work to all of them. He has been a volunteer with Art Of Living Foundation for many years and believes in giving back.
He wants to do his bit in the world by providing students with the knowledge he has gained over the years by branching out as Vipul Sharma Graphic Academy(VGA).