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6 weeks

Dictionaries and encyclopedias define music as “an artistic form of auditory communication incorporating instrumental or vocal tones in a structured and continuous manner.” It is also defined as “any pleasing and harmonious sound” and “the sounds produced by singers or musical instruments.” (Source:

There are a lot of definitions for music and it will take a whole book to explore the subject of music. If there is one true definition of music it is this; music is universal and yet it is also relative and subjective. What may be music to one may not be so to another.

For me music is the singing of the birds, the whistling of my husband as he takes a shower, the soft humming of my little girl as she quietly plays, the beautiful sounds a pianist produces as he touches the keys of a piano…

Take a moment to ponder what the meaning of music is for you.

Our Syllabus

We have provide you the following syllabus modules in your training period.

INTRODUCTION & Sound and hearing

  • History of audio
    • Sound and hearing
    • Studio workstations,Gear & Equipment
    • Acoustics & Room design
    • Song writing , Composing & Producing
    • Introduction to the Recording process
    • Singal flow routing
    • The audio production console-mixers

Digital audio technology

Midi and synchronization


  • Dynamics
  • Equalization
  • Time based effects
  • Mixing
  • Mastering
  • Practicals in studio-hands-on studio sessions