Key Features



3 Months

Oracle Certification Program

Scjp/scwcd (Sun Certified Programmer for the Java Platform)

The Oracle Certification Program certifies candidates on skills and knowledge related to Oracle products and technologies.

Credentials are granted based on a combination of passing exams, training and performance-based assignments, depending on the level of certification. Oracle certifications are tangible benchmarks of experience and expertise that help you stand out in a crowd among employers.

There are 5 levels of Oracle Certification credentials: Oracle Certified Associate (OCA), Oracle Certified Professional (OCP), Oracle Certified Master (OCM), Oracle Certified Expert (OCE) and Oracle Certified Specialist (OCS). These credentials are spread across 9 technology pillars and further broken down into product family and product groupings. Certifications are also defined by job role on the Oracle Certification website.

Our Syllabus

We have provide you the following syllabus modules in your training period.

Language Fundamentals & Interfaces

  • Declarations and Access Control
    • Interfaces
    •  Operators
    •  Flow Control
    •  Exception Handling
    •  Assertions
    •  Garbage Collections


  •  Multi-Threading
  •  java.lang Package: String,StringBuffer,StringBuilder,Wrapper Classes,Object,Autoboxing
  • package
  • Serialization

Collections Framework

  •  Generics
  •  Inner Classes
  •  Internationalization


  •  Regular Expressions
  •  enum


String Buffer
String Tokenizer