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3 Months

On the advent of the new media and noticeable exposure to visual media through mobile technology; students are exploring media field vividly.  We at Smart would like to focus on this emerging trend and chanalise their creative ability by giving them systematic training in video film making.
Teaching modules –

Our Syllabus

We have provide you the following syllabus modules in your training period.

Basic research in film making – Media research –

Importance of Research in Film Production – formative & summative research – audience profile – research methods and design – Idea formation – studying reference material collection of data – sources for data – TRP-GRP and QRP concept

Video Documentaries

TV channels and documentaries – research for documentary – writing for visuals – writing script brief – Types of documentaries – docudrama – Technical style of documentary writing – Short features – aesthetic value of documentary – documentary a social changer instrument case studies

Video interviews and talk shows

The importance of interview format and talk shows in media industry – interview purpose – types – personal profile – institutional – travelogue – scientific – Research for interview – writing questionnaire – writing intro – take off point – talk shows essentials.


Direction Techniques -

a) Role of a director, understanding the subject, treatment style – visual thinking – Planning a shoot – understanding script, casting techniques, direction sitcom – documentary – TV ad – Radio jingle – direction of events social, commercial, Fashion lifestyle/ cultural / felicitation/ lectures series / VIP events – planning – designing.

b) Videography for fiction and non-fiction difference between fiction & non-fiction – Treatment style – single camera techniques and multi camera techniques.

c) Events and coverages – family ceremony function – film and fashion event – Live coverage – VIP coverage – process videography – shooting for news.

d) Film appreciation – what is a film medium? – Hollywood and Hollywood cinema – Art film understanding strength of cinema – critical evaluation.

What is Digital film Production?

What are the technical aspects involved in DFP outdoor/ indoor shooting / recording/ editing/ post production/ mastering final programme.

  1. Camera Techniques and aesthetics – Lighting principle – Types of shots – angles – camera movements – aesthetic of composition – Grammar of Television.
  2. Recording techniques – sound in studio – location – use of ambience sound – sound perspective – recording voice over – recording news event – dubbing – using sound mixer.


Editing process – offline editing video and audio editing – file formats vision mixer – capturing techniques – editing aesthetics- compression techniques – sequencing – NG shots – dumping of video – special effects – super imposition – Creative in editing – understanding rhythm of the programme – creation of flow – pace and mood – sequencing – choosing best footage – basic concepts of cut – dissolves – wipes – inlays – overlapping techniques.